InTG puts ideas into actions for companies and investors

Our consulting firm provides expertise, efficiency and experience, analyzing key business trends with a global focus.

Our CEO’s more than 38 years of professional experience, having lived and worked in Latin America, North America and Europe, brings to each client new insights and innovative ways of developing and managing partnerships with cultural sensitivity and diplomacy, to identify and capture strategic opportunities to strengthen business growth, maintain and develop extensive networking initiatives, and foster potential partnerships.

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InTG helps clients grow through its key core verticals:

  • Foreign Direct Investment (International Affairs)
  • International Business Development
  • Strategic Business Advisory
  • Corporate Development Strategies
Consulting & Advisory


Throughout these 19 years InTG and its global network of partners has had the opportunity to support companies from different countries which include U.S.A., Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands among others, that have an interest in Latin America, providing clients with strategic connections.

Some of the industries we have worked with are telecommunications, logistics, retail, hospitality and tourism, renewable energies, tech and infrastructure, and impact sustainable projects.